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String Algae

String Algae

Spring is almost here and soon the string algae will be coming back to life.

String algae growth is a common complaint from pond owners. There are many factors that can affect the growth rates of string algae.

One thing to remember is that string algae is not bad for your pond. It is actually indicative of a healthy ecosystem. It is more of an aesthetics issue than a serious problem. If string algae growth gets too far out of control, it can clog pumps and filters and be rather unsightly.

What Causes String Algae Growth to Thrive in Ponds?

Dirty ponds, clogged filters, overstocking of fish, or lack of plants are just some of the factors that can contribute to string algae blooms. The main cause of string algae growth is nutrient overload.

How to Control Excess Nutrients That Contribute to String Algae Growth

There are many ways to reduce the nutrient load in your pond. Improving the filtration of the pond will make a big difference. Adding skimmers, bio-falls, and pressure filters can all help reduce the nutrient load.

Plants are natural way to compete against the string algae. Plants consume the same nutrients that make algae thrive. A thorough drain and clean of your pond may also make a big impact of string algae growth. Sludge and organic debris in the pond all contribute to excess nutrients.

Chemically-Based String Algae Treatments

SAB, Eco-blast, and Algaecides are all chemically-based treatments that can reduce string algae. However, they can be harmful to fish and plants if not dosed correctly.

Make sure you know your pond water volume for correct chemically-based string algae treatments. You also must be consistent with these treatment applications.

One way to ensure proper dosage and consistency is to install an Auto-Doser from Aquascape. The unit work like an IV and drips the proper dosage of chemicals at the correct dosage. Simply change out the bags when empty.

Copper Ionizer Treatments

Another very effective string algae control method is a Copper Ionizer. These electronic units released a controlled amount of copper ions into the water to effectively kill algae. The sacrificial probe lasts for a full year. These units are simple plug and play solutions that works very well.

There’s No Need to Panic!

If you see a little string algae in your pond, do not panic. Some string algae is a good thing. If it gets out of control, try the solutions we’ve mentioned above and enjoy your pond. Every pond is different and if you are still struggling with algae problems give The Pond Doctor a call. Our profesionally-trained pond technicians can determine the best way to tackle your specific algae issues.