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Summer is the season when your pond should be in its full splendor. However, ponds and water gardens require proper maintenance to stay healthy and beautiful throughout the hot summer months. Here are the 5 most important factors for maintaining a healthy pond.


Proper aeration is essential to maintaining oxygen levels and the health of your pond and your fish. If you have a large waterfall with lots of splashing, then aeration may not be a problem. If you have a small waterfall, you may want to consider getting an outdoor aeration system for your pond.

Warm water holds less oxygen than cold water. Fish need more oxygen in warm water. If you notice your fish near the surface and they appear to be gasping, then your pond needs more oxygen.


Aquatic plants are essential to the health of water gardens. They provide shade and shelter for the fish as well as oxygen for our pond inhabitants. There are many plants to choose from. You can get submerged plants like water lilies or marginal plants like irises and cattails.  Make sure to remove dead foliage and flowers so they do not breakdown and consume oxygen.

Water Treatments

Most ponds can benefit from beneficial bacteria treatments. We recommend weekly treatments. These treatments help to breakdown plant and fish waste and prevent cloudy water. Consistent treatments of bacteria will optimize your filter’s biological capabilities. We can also install an auto dosing system from Aquascape to add beneficial bacteria treatments automatically.

Clean Filters

It is very important to keep your filters cleaned. These are the workhorses of your pond and require periodic cleaning for maximum efficiency. This is also the time to determine if your current filter system is adequate enough for your pond. The Pond Doctor can install customized filter systems for your pond.


During the hot summer months, your pond will evaporate at a much higher rate. Make sure you add de-chlorinated water to the pond to maintain a higher volume of water. A loss of water in your pond makes for a smaller ecosystem and overcrowding can cause fish loss.

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Summer is the season when your pond should be in full splendor and you should be enjoying the tranquil beauty of your backyard paradise. The Pond Doctor is here to help with all your water feature concerns.

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