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Pond Liner Leak

Pond leaks can be a real headache for any Northern Virginia pond owner. Constant pond filling is not only hard on the pond owner but also on fish and plants living in the pond. 
We generally find that pond leaks originate in either the main pond body or the waterfall/plumbing system. The first step in determining the source of a pond leak is to turn off all pumps and fill the pond to the maximum operating level. Next, we find a reference point and measure the water height when the pond is full, then we let the pond sit for 24 hours. Once 24 hours have elapsed, we take a new measurement to note how much water loss has occurred, if any. 

If the pond has leaked down, then the problem is most likely in the main pond liner. Let the pond sit for another 24 hours. We need to find the area where the water level will settle out.  This will help us find any possible holes in liner.

If the pond does not leak after 24 hours then turn the pump on and note any water loss that occurs over the next 24-hour period while the pump is running.  Make sure to fill the pond back up to your reference point to get an accurate reading.  If the pond leaks now then the problem is in the waterfall or plumbing system.

This troubleshooting information will provide us with ideas to solve your leak problem quicker.  This should be done before we come out for service.

Leaks can turn out to be very simple to fix or require extensive renovation. We provide a leak detection service that will uncover the problem and provide a solution to best fit the situation.

What Does Professional Pond Leak Detection Service Cost?

The Pond Doctor provides professional pond leak detection and repair services throughout the Northern Virginia region. We charge $500 to send our technicians to your location, inspect your water feature for up to an hour and complete simple pond repairs on site during our initial visit.

The $500 fee includes one follow-up visit if necessary to confirm the leak is fixed. An additional fee may be charged to cover the cost of materials needed to repair the pond.
If we determine that more extensive repair work is needed, we will provide you with an estimate to make the necessary repairs to your pond.
If you have a leaking pond, call The Pond Doctor today at (540) 272-6866 to schedule an on-site inspection.